About Six Pixels of Separation, the book…

Let's start by saying that Six Pixels of Separation is a worthwhile read. If you don't believe me, click here and check out all the terrific reviews it has gotten since it was launched last summer. Written by Mitch Joel, Canada's Digital Marketing Rock Star as many say is a book where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about digital marketing, personal branding, social media, but didn't dare ask. A roadmap of some sort to help you cross over to the new world of interconnectivity. (like Dan Ariely said author of Perdictably Irrational which I haven't read yet). When I turned the last page, I felt I had run a marathon. I felt I had put out a lot of effort, kept my focus on the big picture while going over chapter after chapter of this amazing amount of information and ended up learning so much. A bit like one would feel (I imagine) in tackling a marathon one mile at a time in order to reach to the ultimate goal.  Mine was to learn as much as possible which I did and I felt good afterwards. This might seem strange coming from someone who has a somewhat good knowledge of digital marketing. I have recently started this blog in the hope of living up the experience of digital marketing more thoroughly. I've gotten somewhat involved with social media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Mybloglog, Friendfeed, Technorati, Delicious, Youtube, Google Reader and others.  I followed the Canadian Marketing Association Certificate in E-Marketing Course given by Mitch Joel himself and got my certificate. (A real gift I made to myself by doing that. I highly recommend that course). I worked as a web strategy consultant for a major company for the past 3 years. In short, I think I knew more than the average folk from the outset. I was a bit curious to see  how much more I would learn.  The conclusion is that Mitch's book will now become a reference book for me. His book is a real roadmap. Of the specific things I learned, I certainly appreciated the chapter on Digital Nomads. If you're not familiar with that expression just think Wifi and I-phones, or being connected all the time, anywhere. I am not very knowledgeable about mobile marketing. I've not worked yet on any mobile marketing projects, so it made it very interesting for me. (For your reference, in Montreal, Yasha Sekhavat is an expert in that area). I also enjoyed the chapter called You are Media, which deals a lot about personal branding, a new in-word which is not always well understood. Mitch Joel is not an inventor, but he is an awesome communicator and a very passionate man. I find that there is something evangelical about him because of his true power of persuasion. (This personality trait might come from his love of motivational books.) In reading Six Pixels, I felt that he was speaking to those of us that need to acknowledge the changes are at our doorsteps and to start embracing those changes in new media now. He does so in a very convincing and authentic manner. If I was a senior level manager or executive in the corporate world, this book could serve as a major wake up call. The message I would receive is Act before you're too far behind… This book would also answer all of the many questions I might have about new social media. It would provide me with a picture of things, and how everything interlinks…. (Note: I would strongly recommend his book as gifts to your clients for those of you like me who are consultants.) Another thing gained by reading the book is all of his references. Many contemporary authors are mentioned. There are tons of concrete examples of companies that have successfully used the Web.  In short, you get how it all works and fits together by reading about true stories. I think that my favorite quote from the book would be. It says it all for me:

Now we're all forced to understand better what happens when user-amassed wisdom forms in the shape of communities and meets through the power of technology. (p.225)

I really have great admiration for Mitch Joel. I have posted an article previously about him. Click here to read it: Thank you Mitch Joel! He is so talented and energetic, the sky is literally the limit for him. I wish him all the best. My feeling is that he is a man who simply loves  life a nd people and wants us all to have access to all that is best… Thanks Mitch, once again! Let me know if you also read the book and what you thought! P.S. Six Pixel of Separation refers to the famous adage where we are only six steps away from any other person. Wikipedia says it this way: Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.

8 Responses to “About Six Pixels of Separation, the book…”
  1. Merci pour tes commentaires, Micheline. Pour ma part, j’ai trouvé le livre un peu léger, mais toutefois bien intéressant. J’ai particulièrement apprécié la toute fin : les 10 tendances émergentes, et je retiens notamment la phrase : « the speed of the new Web is SLOW. »

    • Salut Simon, Merci pour ton message. Je peux comprendre que cela puisse te paraître léger. Il couvre beaucoup de matière, donc cela peut donner l’effet de superficialité. On se comprend, que bien des chapitres pourraient faire l’objet de livres en soi, comme il se doit. On a qu’à penser au personal branding et aux trusts agents… Au plaisir.

  2. Hicham Souilmi dit :

    Le livre de Mitch est une belle synthése. Le probléme est qu'il ne contient pas assez de techniques, de to do surtout quand tu baignes dans ces domaines depuis un certains temps. Mais cela reste un livre bien écrit malgré des erreurs impardonnables (comme ne pas citer sa source préciséement).

    • Merci M. Souilmi pour votre commentaire. Concernant votre commentaire sur l’absence du ‘How to’, je vous réfère à un article de Christopher Penn. Pour lui c’est plutôt un livre sur le pourquoi. Je suis un peu d’accord avec lui. Au plaisir.

  3. Hicham Souilmi dit :

    Je t`en prie Micheline, on peut se tutoyer si tu permets ? 😉
    Le pourquoi en racontant des métaphores et des anecdotes sur des centaines de pages tournent au bout d`un moment dans un vide prodond. Son livre commence trés fort, intéressant tout au milieu mais les quarante derniéres pages sont vraiment moyenne.

    • Salut Hicham, Je crois comprendre que tu es un lecteur avisé. Quel livre a été le plus marquant pour toi qui porte sur les médias sociaux? Cela m’intéresse toujours de connaître de nouveaux livres. Pour ma part, un autre livre que j’ai apprécié cet été a été The Whuffie Factor de Tara Hunt. L’as-tu lu? Je l’ai offert à quelques clients avec celui de Mitch Joel….

  4. Hicham Souilmi dit :

    Au niveau technique et théorique le plus intéressant (je ne l'ai pas terminé) est plutôt Trust Agents.
    Pour ce qui est du personal branding, Crush It biensûr et pour le community management, Yes We Did de Rahaf Harfoush, la jeune torontoise qui a rejoint Chicago et Chris Hughes (le co-créateur de Facebook) pour la campagne d'Obama.
    Je n'ai pas encore lu le livre de Tara il est sur ma liste.

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