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I'm Micheline Bourque. I became a freelancer around 1996 or so and have been working in the marketing sector ever since. My company name is Marketing sur Mesure. I've been a marketing consultant, focus group moderator and more recently a trainer and coach. In short, I have a couple hats to wear!
I created this blog to know first hand what it is like to fully experience the social web. I have been enjoying blogging since 2009. I started by getting some WordPress training with Diane Bourque, a well-know WordPress specialist to get the basics and soon discovered my passion for writing about small businesses and social media. I also have created a Facebook Page, a Google+ profil, a LinkedIn Profil as well as a Twitter (@MlleBourque) account. For now, that's the extent of my active network. 
Over the years I worked on a variety of mandats. As a consultant, I was fortunate to work on interesting and rewarding projects at  Hydro-Québec and Desjardins. As of  2006, I started working on web marketing projects. As part of that experience, I invested in my own training and completed a Certificate in E-marketing with the Canadian Marketing Association.
In 2010, I started providing training and coaching to small businesses that want to start integrating social media to their business strategies. I provide those services in partnership with Détail Formation, a company that specialized in providing training and coaching to retail companies all over Québec. This partnership gave me the opportunity to provide training and coaching in different location in Québec, namely Montréal, Québec, Saguenay, and in the regions of Montérégie, the Laurentians and Lanaudière. I really enjoy this work.
I started conducting groups and interviews in 2001. I have had the privilege to work with several well-known firms such as  SOM recherche, SCOR recherche marketing, CROP, MIRE recherche marketing, Altitude Marketing, Marketquest, Compas, and others. I love being a moderator.  Over the years, I completed some of the MRIA training courses, namely, the focus group moderator training and a session on indepth interviews called Getting Beneath the Surface. 
I very regularly attend conferences, webinars that relate to marketing research and social media as well as read many books that relate to those subjects and marketing in general.
I am originally from New-Brunswick. I completed a Bachelors degree at the Université de Moncton.  I also studied in France at the Université de Poitiers (languages), and in Louisiana at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (humanities) as well as at the Université du Québec à Montréal (course works in Masters in Sociology).
Before becoming a freelancer, I worked for the federal Government for 10 years. I spent a good six years at the  Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. I truly enjoyed my experience working at Indian Affairs. I travelled extensively across Canada and got to visit many First Nation communities located in places where very few people will get the chance to go. I even ended up attending a conference in Groenland. I mostly worked in social policy affairs (education, social services, housing,etc), land claims and some regional issues (Ontario and Atlantic). This experience gave me the chance to get a better grasp of the complexity of the relationship between First Nations and government and discover the richness of the culture and history of First Nations. I am deeply grateful for having had that chance.

Please get in touch with me if you want to know more about me.

I hope you'll enjoy my posts and will take time to leave some comments once in a while!

Yours truly




Skype: michelinebourque

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichelineBourque.MarketingSurMesure

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MlleBourque

Google+: http://gplus.to/MichelineBourque

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